Department of University Campus Management

About the Department of the Printing Press

Mission and Tasks


Providing distinguished printing for the educational, research entities of the university.



1. Develop plans and programs for printing work undertaken by the printing press, follow up on their implementation, and develop the necessary solutions to address the problems that may be encountered.


2. Estimate budgets for the production needs of machines, raw materials, manpower, etc..


3. Supervising and evaluating the technical processing of printed materials and printing and binding works.


4. Develop necessary plans for the repair and maintenance and replacement of photocopying and printing machines and follow up on their implementation.


5. Propose ideas to advance the work of the press, and prepare a training plan for the employees in order to develop and raise performance and efficiency levels.


6. Determine the models and forms for the operation process in the printing press.


7. Receiving requests related to the completion of various publications and the development of a timeline for their completion according to work priorities.


8. General supervision of all operations in the printing press.


9. Applying the rules and regulations for printing publications and defining controls and work rules that contribute to raising work efficiency in the printing press.