Department of University Campus Management

About The Department of Sporting Grounds

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


Our vision is to achieve international standards of quality and accreditation in all sports programs at the university, using modern facilities to develop promising sports skills at the university level.




The Sports Facilities Department seeks to:


1. Leadership and excellence in sports programs offered to students and employees of the university.


2. Giving students the sporting skills needed to represent the university in local and international events.


3. Practicing physical activity in a professional manner for university employees.





1. Achieving the vision of the University City Administration through the implementation of quality programs and various sports activities.


2. The iImplementation of specialized sports programs through joint and focused work, which will have a positive impact on the development of various sports skills for students.


3. Raising awareness about the benefits of sports to promote physical well-being.


4. Spreading the spirit of competition between college students and staff in the field of athletic achievement through various sporting competitions.