Department of University Campus Management

About The Department of Occupational and Environmental Safety

Vision, Mission, Objectives



Maintaining the health and safety of university employees, and excelling in spreading social and cultural awareness in the university.



Achieving the highest international standards in applying occupational safety and health, protecting lives and property, and raising the university's readiness to create a safe and healthy environment through awareness and education using modern technologies for all safety applications in the university.




The main objective of establishing the Safety and Environmental Protection Department is to provide a safe work environment free of accidents and injuries to ensure the safety and health of workers and students at the university. This administration also aims to unify efforts in the university and work according to a harmonious and integrated system in accordance with international standards to lead the educational process in a smooth manner. The most important goals can be summarized as follows:

1. Establishing and continuously updating an effective system for managing occupational health and safety operations at the university.

2. Raising the level of readiness of the university and its branches to implement and activate occupational health and safety plans and to address potential disaster risks.

3. Safeguarding the staff and visitors of the university campus and its branches.

4. Safeguarding the university's buildings, facilities, equipment and property.

5. Take all means to prevent or reduce material losses that may be associated with hazards, accidents and potential disasters in the university.

6. Awareness and training of students and staff of the university on safety principles and standards with the latest methods and modern technologies.