Department of University Campus Management

About The Department of Maintenance

Vision, Mission, and Objectives



Providing exemplary services to provide a knowledgeable, comfortable and productive work environment.



Upgrading the quality of operational, maintenance and cleaning services at the university to reflect the university's mission and special care for its employees and students.



1/ Preparing and applying annual and monthly plans for preventive maintenance and cleaning.

2/ Receiving and handling maintenance requests.

3/ Preparation of bidding tenders for operation and maintenance contracts.

4/ Preparing bidding tenders for cleaning, gardening, ground maintanence and watering crops.

5/ Carrying out regular and emergency maintenance such as electrical, civil, plumbing, and carpentry work, maintenance of office machines and faxes, air conditioning work, blacksmithing and aluminum work, elevator maintenance work.

6/ Supervising the contractors for cleaning, gardening, ground maintanence, watering crops, and monitoring the cleaning work of departments, colleges, student housing units, and faculty housing units.