Department of University Campus Management

About The University Security Department

Vision, Mission, Tasks


Excellence in providing security for university staff and visitors.



Work to maintain security for university’s staff and facilities, effectively organize traffic, and provide security services to university employees through active partnership and mutual trust between the university community and security personnel.



1- Manage all security operations at the university and work to prevent traffic accidents from occurring, and taking care of them when they do happen, and preventing things from getting out of hand.


2- Conducting a preliminaryl investigation of problems and accidents that occur in the university, whether they were referred by university officials or detected by the Security Department.


3- Issuing entry permits to the university, its facilities and units, whether for individuals or vehicles.


4- Organizing and monitoring the entrances and exits of the university and its other units, and checking people's ID’s if necessary


5- Supervising traffic, regulating parking and determining traffic violations, while taking into account the applicable regulations that govern this.


6- Monitoring employees and workers of operating companies and institutions, and university visitors within the limits of jurisdiction.


7- Preparing guard shifts at the university on working days, holidays and vacations


8- Participate in organizing events and activities at the university in cooperation with all relevant departments