Department of University Campus Management

Sections of the University Security Department

Department Sections and tasks



1. The security men consist of (official security men / and a contracted security institution).


2. Security men perform field work (mounted patrols / stationary guards).


Work locations:


Static sites


1. (University gates / water tanks / and some university facilities, according to the number of security men available).


2. (mounted patrols throughout the university / escorting delegations and visitors).


the traffic:


1. Female guards at the main (eastern/western) gates.


2. Maintaining the implementation of traffic regulations and instructions and regulating traffic / escorting delegations and visitors to the university.


3. Applying the traffic fines system to violators according to the regulations of the Ministry of Interior.




1. Granting permits to beneficiaries of university employees and institutional companies, according to the applicable regulations.