Department of University Campus Management

About The Department of Nutrition


Vision, Mission, Tasks


Providing quality meals that comply with international conditions and specifications.



Providing the best nutritional services to benefiting students in a safe and healthy environment.




1. Follow up on the implementation of the terms and conditions of the contract between the university and the contracted caterer.


2. Monitor, inspection and examine all food items that the caterer provides, from the time they enter the warehouse until they leave the kitchen, and reject any food items that are not fit for human consumption and don’t meet the required conditions.


3. Receiving the food items needed for the meal and making sure that the weight set for each student are correct, according to the conditions and specifications.


4. Full supervision and careful follow-up of preparation, processing, cooking, packing in containers, and transportation to the dining halls for distribution, so as to provide a ready-cooked meal to the hand of the student in a timely manner.


5. Directly supervising the distribution of the three daily meals to students (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and the meals of the holy month of Ramadan (Iftar, suhoor), in order to ensure that each student has received all the items and quantities of food prescribed to him through the weekly meal schedule.


6. Monitoring the general behavior of the students during the distribution of the meal so as to prevent any possibility for dispute between the student and the worker.


7. Follow-up and monitor the personal hygiene and appearance of the workers body and clothing, and ensure that their health certificate is valid before they start work.


8. Follow up daily cleaning work for all parts of the restaurant (kitchen, dining halls,  warehouses, refrigerators, waste collection room) as well as follow up on the cleanliness of all tools and utensils used in cooking and distribution. The process of spraying the place with pesticides and disinfectants and controlling flies and insects is continuously monitored.


9. Follow-up on the maintenance of the equipment and machinery used in all parts of the restaurant, and ensure their efficiency and good handling by the caterer's workers.


10. Follow up and monitor the progress of work in the office for meal sales.