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Saudi University Alumni Forum Launches in Jakarta

Sheikh bin Humaid Delivers Lecture on Moderation at Saudi University Alumni Forum

The Islamic University and King Faisal University in Chad sign a Memorandum of Understanding

The President heads a sitting of the University Council

During the annual meeting, His Highness the President of the University meets the students in the “Know Your University” program

His Highness the President of the University, Prof. Mamdouh bin Saud bin Thunayan Al Saud with the students of the Islamic University and explained to them that this university is the gift of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Islamic world for the graduation of preachers and students of knowledge from Muslims to the Islamic world. This came during the annual meeting of students, which was sponsored by His Highness, in the presence of university deans and deans of colleges. His Highness directed the students to invest this meeting in getting to know the deanships and the services they provide - educational, medical, guidance, administrative and others. I urge you to know what the university offers you and to know your rights and your rights. His Highness added that you should strive to obtain the knowledge that you came to this university to obtain, and you will return to your country armed with the moderate weapon of science. At the conclusion of his speech, His Highness said, “We hope to see you ambassadors for your country and ambassadors for this university and this blessed country, and I recommend you knowledge to enable you to spread knowledge.” And spread the message of Islam.

The Islamic University issues its 200th issue of the Islamic University Journal of Sharia Sciences

Twitter University iu_edu Names of those who passed the written exams for applicants for educational vacancies in institutes and roles at the #Islamic_University Posted on 10 OCT Scholars: Addressing religious extremism requires daring, and the mosque is the first way to confront extremism and extremism Posted on 17 NOV A joint memorandum of understanding between the Islamic University and the Tabah Center for Endowment Studies Posted on 30 DEC The Islamic University issues its 200th issue of the Islamic University Journal of Sharia Sciences General News 4/4/2022 1:43:05 PM 0 The Islamic University of Madinah issued issue (200) of (Journal of the Islamic University of Sharia Sciences). The magazine aims to excel in publishing solid and original scientific research, and selecting what it publishes for its readers, which adds to knowledge, contributes to its construction, and keeps pace with the issues of the era and its developments. . The magazine included thirty different research papers on forensic sciences, including a research entitled “Consulting women and taking their advice in the light of the Holy Qur’an.. An objective study by Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Obaid, as well as a research by Dr. Hanan bint Loewe bin Ali Al-Omari entitled Customs of the Prophets and Messengers in the Holy Qur’an.. Study.” Analytical theory, and a research entitled Answer a Question in Response to Fatalism by Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah.. An investigation and study, and also under the title of nanosilver technology.. A jurisprudential study by Dr. Noura bint Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman Al Sheikh, and Dr. Abdul Rahman Ghalib Al-Awaji, a research entitled Structural and Deconstruction, a study of its most prominent trends. Contemporary intellectual thought, a research entitled Inheriting a car driver from his deceased inheritance in a traffic accident by Dr. Maher bin Abdul Ghani Al-Harbi, and a research entitled Implications for the value of financial claims according to the commercial court system by Dr. Abdul Majeed bin Al-Amin bin Muhammad, and a study of the jurisprudence of gradualism in calling to God in non-Muslim societies .. The supplication of Ibrahim, peace be upon him, is a model for Dr. Nawal bint Muhammad Sardar, and a research by Dr. Muhammad bin Radi Al-Sinani entitled “Guaranteeing Damage and Damage with Techniques” Artificial intelligence ... Doctrinal rules and applications. It is worth mentioning that the first issue of (Journal of the Islamic University) was issued in 1388 AH - 1968 AD, that is, more than (54) years ago. The first includes - in addition to scientific research - literary articles, poems, newspaper extracts, fatwas, etc., and in 1984 AD the magazine was renewed as it was limited to scientific research, and the magazine evolved to branch out to several refereed scientific journals in 2017.

The Islamic University participates in the International Education Conference and Exhibition 2022

The Islamic University of Madinah is participating in the International Conference and Exhibition for Education 2022, which is organized by the Ministry of Education at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center. In its participating pavilion, the university reviews its history since its establishment until now, in addition to highlighting a number of the university’s main themes, including institutional accreditation, programmatic accreditation, the English language learning program, the Arabic language learning program, the university’s strategic plan, research projects and innovation, entrepreneurship and admission to the university. the University. The university provided general inquiries about university students through the interactive screen that displays the world map. Once you touch the location of the country you want to query about its students, detailed statistical information about the number of enrolled students appears.

The 10th Festival of Cultures and Peoples celebrates folk costumes and tea

Tea is considered one of the world's drinks, and there is hardly a country in the world that does not have methods and traditions in the tea industry. As part of the events and activities accompanying the 10th Festival of Cultures and Peoples, which is currently held at the Islamic University, the participating pavilions competed in providing tea of all kinds according to the methods of their manufacture, on the (International Tea Day). The event attracted a large number of visitors to the exhibition in all its segments. The festival's visitors also interacted with the "Popular Clothing Day" event. Where the visitors were keen to take souvenir photos in the clothes of the countries participating in the festival.

A dish from every country.” The Islamic University organized the International Table Day for more than 90 international dishes

On Wednesday, 10/25/1443 AH, the Islamic University of Madinah organized the “International Table Day” event, which is a competition between the pavilions of the participating countries for the best table that includes various cuisines and dishes that the country is famous for. With the participation of 10 specialized chefs to judge the dishes participating in the International Table Day from the College of Tourism in the Madinah Region, more than 962 types of popular foods were registered for more than 90 countries. The competition aimed to highlight the cultural diversity among peoples in the preparation of foods and the way they are prepared and presented on the dining table. The festival site was crowded with hundreds of visitors who came to enjoy the “World Table Day” event, to taste the different types of dishes displayed in front of the pavilions of all the participating countries, and to learn about ways to prepare them according to different traditions, which constitutes a mixture that illustrates the cultural diversity of the participants in the exhibition. It should be noted that the Festival of Cultures and Peoples in its tenth edition, in which students from the Islamic University participate representing more than 80 nationalities, is considered a crossroads of cultures, an incubator for the human heritage of many peoples of the world, and a window to learn about their traditions. Its origins, history and customs, the most prominent ancient foods and costumes of each country, and its famous cultural heritage.

The Islamic University concludes the activities of the 10th Festival of Cultures and Peoples

On behalf of His Highness the President of the Islamic University, Prof. Dr. Mamdouh bin Saud bin Thunayan Al Saud, the General Supervisor of the Vice Deanship, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Refai, sponsored the closing ceremony of the 10th Festival of Cultures and Peoples. The Dean of Student Affairs, Executive Director of the Festival, Dr. Hassan Yahya Awaji, expressed his thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of the festival, which is an extension of previous festivals, which showcase the cultures, customs and traditions of the peoples of the world through university students from 90 countries and cultures, who represent their countries in the festival. The participating parties and the winners of the festival, who were selected by the jury in specialized committees, and the accompanying competitions included the international days competitions (Folk Fashion Day, International Coffee Day, International Tea Day, International Table Day) and this is my country competition, which is a competition to introduce the country in an innovative way, the poetry competition It is a poetic competition in the languages ​​and dialects of different countries, a competition of international proverbs and judgments in various countries, a competition for popular games, a competition for the best pavilion in terms of formality and exhibits, and many competitions and major prizes, where the Yemen pavilion won the grand prize and the India pavilion won second place. It is worth noting that the days of the festival witnessed many events and accompanying activities, and the events and activities were well received by visitors of the exhibition from all segments of society.

His Highness the President of the University signed a memorandum of understanding for academic cooperation with the President of Al Qasimia University in the United Arab Emirates

His Highness the President of the Islamic University, Prof. Mamdouh bin Saud Al Saud, signed In his office this morning, a memorandum of understanding for academic cooperation with the President of Al Qasimia University in the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Jamal bin Salem Al-Tarifi. The memorandum included the agreement on cooperation in a number of scientific and academic fields to serve the common goals that contribute to the development and raising of the scientific level in the two universities.

The Islamic University holds an introductory meeting for teachers for the Optimum Investment Program for Educational Materials

The Institute of Research and Consulting Studies held an introductory meeting for teachers for the Optimum Investment Program for Educational Materials. The meeting included an introductory overview of the Islamic University, after which the Department of Education was introduced and the optimal investment program for educational cadres was introduced, and the meeting concluded by answering the attendees' inquiries.

The Vice Rector for Development receives a delegation from the General Authority for Endowments

His Excellency the Vice President for Development, Dr. Fahd bin Khalid Al-Dhafiri, received a delegation from the General Authority for Endowments headed by His Excellency the Deputy Governor for the Banking and Endowment Services Sector, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Aqeel, and the meeting discussed activating the areas of partnership and cooperation between the two sides.