"Learning Arabic" Graduates Its Fifth Indonesian Batch

Fifth Indonesian Batch Graduates "Learning Arabic"

In a day of joy and celebration, the Islamic University graduates its 5th Indonesian batch, who grasped the depth and authenticity of the Arabic language and its letters, 4th most spoken in language in the world, making it their own. The “Learning Arabic Program” commemorated 70 male and female graduates (5 groups – 3 levels), equipped with a strong Arabic foundation via its integrative-communicative curricula of all language skills and elements. Dr. Badr Hudayban Al-Harbi, program CEO, elaborated that the program "focuses on engaging learners into daily communicative professional and academic scenarios to enable them to use Arabic in their lives."

This ceremony speaks louder than words to the vision and mission of the program since its inception to become an accredited program of quality and excellence in teaching and learning Arabic to non-native speakers, utilizing technological advancements to keep up with the global level. Dr. Al-Harbi added that the program offers learners various programs that are based on two paradigms: 1) General Arabic; 2) Arabic for Specific Purposes, including professional and academic purposes.

Moreover, Mr. Riza Idris, Indonesian Mission Coordinator, highlighted the importance of the program as a continuum the university's vision and mission, which originates from Madinah, seeking to advance knowledge and provide a universally leading environment for learning and teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.