The Islamic University places great emphasis on data management policies in line with Vision 2030.

Towards that endeavour, the university held a seminar on national data management and governance to inform its students about the field. His Excellency Dr. Mamdouh bin Saud bin Thunayan Al Saud, IU President, sponsored the seminar and His Excellency Dr. Tareq bin Abdullah Al-Sheddi, President of the National Data Management Office was among the attendees.


The seminar aimed to reinforce the concept of data protection and privacy and utilize data in supporting appropriate decision-making. His Excellency, IU President, emphasized the significant progress education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing in the use of technology. He also affirmed that in line with Vision 2030, IU places great emphasis on data management policies implementing a plan for data management policies since 2021 to reach the finest methods for data collection to contribute to appropriate decision-making. Meanwhile, His Excellency Dr. Al-Sheddi affirmed the efforts being made to eradicate artificial intelligence illiteracy.


The seminar shed light on the nature of data management and its various fields, which branch into several policies to include all sectors concerned with private and public matters, as well as the standards of each policy and its objectives. These policies aim to provide reliable and coordinated data to support decision-making, utilize institutions’ data to support business intelligence, preserving data privacy of individuals, importance of data protection in enhancing confidentiality and transfer, improve transparency in government agencies, as well as maximizing data use to predict the future.