Saudi University Alumni Forum Launches in Jakarta

The "Saudi University Alumni from East Asia and Pacific Countries Forum began its activities in Jakarta yesterday. The forum organized by the Islamic University in partnership with King Abdulaziz University and King Faisal University, will run for three days with the participation of a number of Ambassadors, university directors and other officials.
The President of the Islamic University Dr. Mamdouh bin Saud bin Thunayan said the Ministry of Education offers scholarships to distinguished international students from all countries to study at Saudi universities. The scholarship program provides study in various disciplines and research fields as part of the Kingdom's leading role and its belief in the value of people as a pillar in the development of societies, and as part of the Kingdom's mission in the service of Islam and Muslims.
Dr. Mamdouh bin Thunayan added that the Cabinet issued a decree to provide long-term and short-term student visas for students and academic researchers at the university level, with the goal of sponsoring distinguished researchers and allowing the Kingdom to become an incubator for science and knowledge, as well as becoming a vital bub for teaching the Arabic language and spreading the values of moderation.
The President of the Islamic University said the Ministry of Education launched the "Study in Saudi Arabia" platform to allow applicants from all countries to enroll in Saudi universities as part of its leading effort to launch a scholarship program in line with the Kingdom's vision.