College of Shariah

Vision and Mission (Shariah College)


  A leading global beacon of knowledge and research in Sharia sciences.


Graduating specialists in Islamic Sharia and its sciences, who are qualified to meet the requirements of the local and international labor markets, and produce specialized international academic research, and provide community services in the field of Islamic Sharia according to the approach of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah.

Objectives of the College of Sharia:

1- Preparing specialists in Sharia sciences who are academically qualified in research and able to serve the local and international community.

2- Developing the fiqh skills of students

3- Qualifying  scholarship Muslim students.

4- Linking theoretical knowledge with application, while taking care of emerging issues and contemporary crises.

5- provide professional development for  teaching staff to be aware of Shariah to enhance knowledge and academic research.