Department of Human Resources

Sections of the Human Resources Department

1- Employment Division

 This division works on job advertisements for competitions conducted by the university, finalises appointments and promotions, and opens job movements monitoring and job inventory cards.


2- Salaries and Allowances

This division works on the disbursement of salaries, allowances, rewards and compensations to university employees in accordance with regulations and instructions.


3- Contractors

 This division works on contracting, determining salaries, and issuing residence permits, according to the applicable regulations.


4- Files Division

This division files official documents including all employee related documents.


5- Computer Systems Division

This division works on entering and updating personal information for all university employees, preparing programs and coordinates with the relevant authorities.


6- Mail Division

This division works on receiving, recording and distributing transactions to the concerned departments and other parties.



7- Promotions:

This division works on preparing and counting those eligible for promotion, comparing them for vacancies for all roles, and following up on implementation procedures.



8- Vacations:

This division works on carrying out all kinds of leave procedures, calculating durations and used and remaining days during the job service



9- Archive:

This division works on saving documents related to regulations, systems, inquiries, responsesand administrative and organizational communications.



10- Tickets and Passports:

This division works on issuing tickets for all employees of the university assigned to official assignments , scholarships and contractors, archiving passports of the contracted and following up on their validity and renewal, and issuing the necessary visas.



11- Functional Performance Reports Division:

Follow-up the job performance of all university employees, how to prepare reports, and direct the authorities to report preparation periods for each employee, monitor performance, raise and prepare for the committee concerned with that.



12- End of Service Division:

This division works on preparing data for those eligible for referral to regular or early retirement or resignation and carrying out the required procedures to be submitted to the Ministry of Civil Service, Retirement Pensions Authority or General Organization for Social Insurance, and following up on service data and pension disbursement.