Department of Inventory Oversight

About the Inventory Oversight Department

The University Administration is committed to internal control of all materials, both in the warehouses and after they are received by the sites, administrations and departments. Therefore, the Inventory Control Administration was created by administrative decree number (3038) dated 19/7/1429 AH, and it is responsible for the financial and administrative affairs and completing the necessary procedures for the start of the Administration's work. This is in accordance with article 23 of the Government Warehouses Regulations issued by the Government Procurement Administration of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy. This Administration is an internal auditing body with many features, including monitoring and classifying the materials procured, spent and returned from all University warehouses and facilities, and preparing the necessary studies to determine the economic quantity for storage and its levels, and striving to apply a movement system to preserve public funds for the benefit of all. Additionally, it is responsible for preserving the obligations of the facilities and employees for everything that is disbursed from the permanent items, conducting sudden inventories and periodic monitoring of stocks in all warehouses and following the regulations and systems.