Document and Administrative Communication Department

Divisions of Document and Administrative Communication Department

1.Administrative Communications Center


The center facilitates all departments needs via electronic and paper liaisons, with aim to create a paperless environment, reaching a current percentage of 10% paper use at the university.


Incoming Unit

All communications, documents and parcels are received and recorded in an integrated electronic system, where a single transaction takes less than a minute from the time it is received and recorded until it reaches the concerned department. Paper mail received is kept and stored in a designated Documents and Archives Center or hand delivered via liaisons. The unit also receives posted mail, dealing with correspondences sent to the university’s mailing address.


Outgoing Unit

The unit receives all university communications for the purpose of sending them electronically to external entities such as the Ministry of Education, the Governate of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Region and other government agencies whom have electronic correspondences, which takes less than a minute to be delivered electronically


Mail Unit

This unit receives all paper dealings destined for external delivery, which are registered in a system and sorted to be delivered to couriers and the Saudi Post, and it is the final station for the university physical external mail.


Customer Service Unit

Customer service is one of the main focuses of the department. The customer service unit is responsible for responding to all inquiries and questions related to their final destination.


2. Documents and Archives Center

The Documents and Archives Center was established in 1418 and is considered the final destination for all dealings and documents that must be preserved, as each document has a specified lifetime. The Documents and Archives Center undertakes the organization, processing and preservation of these documents.


Acquisition of documents in all forms from the university’s departments and units

Archiving and saving documents

Providing the appropriate document when needed

Raising awareness among university employees on the importance of records and its preservation.



More than 20 years of important documents and records have been archived and old records and documents have been organized.