Deanship of Information Technology

About the Deanship of Information Technology


The Deanship was established under the name (Information and Computer Center) in 1410 AH, and was changed to (Deanship of Information Technology), after the approval of the Islamic University Board in 1431/1432 AH to include units that carry out its operations and tasks and achieve its objectives.



Based on the mission the Islamic University, and its objectives to create a distinguished high quality technical environment that befits its status and tasks, the Deanship has worked hard to provide a secure integrated infrastructure and a sophisticated technical environment in accordance with the comprehensive quality to serve all administrative and academic operations at the university.


Provide a secure integrated technical system with international standards.



-          Achieve a paperless university environment

-          Provide a comprehensive interactive electronic services.

-          Provide a secure electronic environment with international standards of high quality.

-          Provide an effective electronic system in relation to education, research and administration.


Institutional Values

The following values represent the framework through which the Deanship will seek to achieve its strategic priorities within the next five years:


- Integrity:

The Deanship follows standards of morals and high ideals in the steps of Prophet Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, {And indeed, you (Muhammad) are of great moral character and possess outstandingly a high standard of moral excellence}.(Holy Quran Chapter 29/Verse 4)


Employee Commitment:

The Deanship seeks to attract high quality competencies committed to the institutional values of the Deanship.



The deanship encourages and supports interaction with other local and international universities as well as other deanships in order to benefit from their experiences.



The Deanship seeks to engage faculty members, students and its employees in the process of generating ideas and decision-making process as an important part of the culture of the Islamic University.


Roles and Responsibilities

·         Manage and implement projects related to information technology to meet the needs of the university.

·         Develop a system of administrative and academic programs and services within the university and its integration with the various university systems.

·         Equip the university with an infrastructure that contributes to the application of electronic services.

·         Develop and maintain an electronic portal system to serve employees and students of the Islamic University.

·         Equip all university departments with computers and its accessories.

·         Operate and technically support the various entities, events, and conferences held at the university.

·         Build an integrated information base that contributes to the university’s academic, educational and administrative bodies.

·         Communicate with governmental and non-governmental entities related to technology.

·         Develop and implement information protection and security of the university systems.

·         Train university employees to use various new technologies.

·         Prepare and design the Islamic University’s information technology strategic plan and its stages of implementation.

·         Prepare and design information security policies at the Islamic University.