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About the Department of Scholarships

About the department

The Islamic University, with its universal vision, continues its tireless efforts in order to achieve its desired goals, including attaining a distinguished standard in its academic output. This requires the development of the academic foundation and the establishment of a solid academic base to be a tributary to the university and society, while achieving its delepmental role in society in general.

The university is keen to devote its attention to scholarships and to develop programs and mechanisms that enable its faculty to pursue the process of seeking education in order to familiarize themselves with the modern sciences out there that will be of great benefit to them and the university.

The university has sought to develop a comprehensive vision towards scholarships for its faculty to elite universities around the world, so that they may return carrying the banner of knowledge and contribute to the completion and development of what their predecessors established and also contribute to the advancement of the country.

The General Department of Scholarships operates under the Vice Presidency of Graduate Studies and Research. It manages the affairs of those on scholarhsips at home and abroad.

The General Department of Scholarships is the link between the university and the Saudi cultural attachés in the countries to which the university’s faculty are sent. This communication between the university and the attachés takes place through the “Safir” program offered by the Ministry of Education.

This role can be explained as follows: The department oversees the necessary procedures to deliver what the scholarship student needs from their college of origin at their current college, as well as what the colleges need to deliver to their faculty members abroad. The department also takes care of various procedures such as extending the scholarship, changing the university, changing the specialization, academic breaks, attending conferences and training courses, as well as ending the scholarship.