Common First-Year

About us

Common First-Year

The Common first-year provides students with appropriate preparation as a prerequisite to admission to scientific and theoretical colleges through a set of introductory courses that help them to academically grow and succeed.

About Us

The Common First-year offers integrated and intensive academic programs that improve the outcomes of students of Islamic University and ensures that they are able to integrate into the educational environment of the university after passing the pre-university stages. The programs are carefully designed to provide the student with the basic skills needed to study in scientific or theoretical colleges. Each program contains a set of academic courses and intensive English language skills in the common first year of the scientific colleges.


To be a leading model in preparing students by providing various skills, academics, personal skills, and creativity during their study to the common courses in the scientific or theoretical colleges.


The Common first-year at Islamic University aims to:

1-      Prepare new students to become familiar with university life.

2-      Raise the achievement level of new students.

3-      Provide students with various university knowledge and skills.

4-      Develop personality and creativity before joining the university major.

5-      Increase students’ educational outcomes.

6-      Improve spending efficiency by merging interdisciplinary courses into common divisions in a unified track.

7-      Help new students choose their academic specialization

8-      Allow students to learn about job opportunities and the needs of the labor market related to academic disciplines.


To equip students with various knowledge and skills, academic excellence, developing personal skills and creativity in the student’s life before moving to higher university levels, and to apply quality standards to ensure distinguished educational outcomes.

Rules and Regulations

1- Students should study three consecutive levels of study to complete the courses of the common first-year.

2- The process of registering courses and the study schedule is done automatically by the Deanship of Admission and Registration in accordance with the study plan of the common first-year.

3- The process of addition and deletion operations is not allowed as the schedule is considered stable throughout the study period in the first common year.

4- The process of withdrawals or postponements is not allowed during running courses throughout year.

5- The common first-year courses are added to the student's cumulative average, and it is recorded in his academic record for the undergraduate level.