College of Arabic Language

About Us

About Us

The College of Arabic Language was founded by Royal Decree No. (DM/70) dated 7/7/1395, initially named College of Arabic Language and Literature, then changed by the Council of Universities Affairs Decree No. 65 on its sixth session dated 21-24/7/1398.

Since its foundation, the college has graduated more than 3,434 students representing 94 countries (1395-1396 – 1438-1439).

The college awards the following degrees:

·       BA in Arabic Language and Literature

·       Higher Diploma in Arabic Language

·       Higher Diploma in Media and Communication

·       MA in Arabic Linguistics, Arabic Literature and Arabic Rhetoric, and Media

·       PhD in Arabic Linguistics, Arabic Literature and Arabic Rhetoric


To be a world leader and reference in the Arabic language, literature and communication skills, and media.



To graduate qualified specialists in Arabic, literature, and communication and media skills, equipped with Islamic values, producing international scientific research that contributes to the development of Arabic language and developing local and international community services.




      Prepare graduates capable of establishing a connection between the study of the Arabic language and Islamic culture,

      Utilize the Arabic language's potential to serve the Islamic message;

      Acquaint students with the Arabic language fundamentals, its sources scholars’ opinions;

      Elevate students’ linguistic taste and understanding of Arabic texts and critiquing it;

      Develop students’ media and communication skills;

      Prepare qualified personnel in Arabic and its etiquette to serve local and global communities; and

           Prepare academically qualified professional graduates, possessing superior ethics and values