College of Noble Hadith and Islamic Studies

About Us ( College of Hadith )

About Us

On 6/23/1396 AH Royal Decree No. (15653) approved the foundation of the College of Hadith and Islamic Studies to inaugurate its studies in the departments of Hadith Sciences and Sunnah Fiqh and Sources. It is concerned with graduating worldwide scholars in the Prophet’s Sunnah and its disciplines via esteemed and renowned faculty in the field, awarding bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.


Qualify concerned specialists in Sunnah and its disciplines and Islamic studies, to spread it and serve the local and international community.



Qualify scholars from all over the world, who are well versed and skilled in research in Sunnah and its sources


1 - Prepare qualified competencies in the Prophet's Sunnah and its disciplines to contribute to the development of higher education.

2- Benefit the Islamic world by qualifying a generation specialized in Sunnah and its disciplines and become a reference in it.

3- Contribute to university research.