Deanship of Scientific Research

About Deanship of Research

The Deanship of Scientific Research at the Islamic University was established by virtue of the a resolution of the Supreme Council of the University No. 161 in its fourteenth session held on the 27-28 of the month of Rabi` al-Awwal of the year 1404 AH, which included the establishment of a center for Scientific Research at the University. The center was established to contribute to enriching Scientific Research in the fields of Islamic and Arab studies, and to reviving Islamic heritage. This center consisted of a number of departments, namely: the Department for Authorship, the Department for Critical  Editing , the Translation Department, the Publishing Department, the Library and Documentation and Administrative and financial affairs Department.


In 1419 AH, the supreme approval was issued on the resolution of the Council of Higher Education and Universities to transform the Scientific Research Center at the Islamic University into a Deanship of Scientific Research. This change was not merely a change of names but rather was the result of an evolution of tasks and an expansion of the responsibilities that were added to the Deanship. as it introduced some departments such as the Scientific Relations Department and the Publications Department.