Institute of Teaching Arabic

Institute of Teaching Arabic

The Arabic Language Institute was first established in 1386/1387 AH, based on the University Board’ second session dated 07/29/1383 AH, under the name “Department of Teaching Language to Non-Arabsas it was dedicated to non-Arab natives with low or no Arabic proficiency to reach the proficiency level needed to pursue studies in the university colleges or institutes and their affiliated schools, in accordance with their academic qualifications. The Council of Higher Education amended the name to be “Arabic Language Institute for Non-Native Speakers” In 1422 A.H.



Provide academic and research programs for non-native speakers to spread the Arabic language and Islamic culture globally as skilled, qualified proficient graduates, serving the local and global community.




To prepare and train non-native speakers to become proficient and a distinguished international resource in Arabic linguistics, Islamic culture, research, and Arabic teaching.