General Administration of Communication and Institutional Identity

About the General Administration of Communication and Institutional Identity

The General Administration of Communication and Institutional Identity is connected to the  University Development Agency. It primarily focuses on creating an effective internal and external communication channel that contributes to building and enhancing the university's image regionally and globally.


The Communications and Institutional Identity Administration is connected to the University Development Agency, our work focuses on creating a positive image through the use of  communication channels that contribute to building and enhancing the university's image both regionally and internationally.

Our responsibility is to manage the University's media platforms and to employ the best methods to produce and distribute audio and visual content.

We formulate policies and standards that maintain the university's identity.

We collaborate with individuals or entities to achieve integration in order to provide high-quality services that contributes to enhancing the University's image.


To be pioneers in corporate communication and to effectively contribute to the University's regional and international objectives.


To continuously deliver the University's message and identity as an institution providing educational, intellectual and social services that contribute to the development of communities.


Transparency and clarity, excellence and quality, teamwork, creativity and innovation.


To preserve the legacy of the university's achievements from the time of its establishment, as well as formulating a communication policy that supports its future objectives. 

Establishing a partnership with stakeholders to enhance performance, improve quality and transparency standards through a variety of methods and channels.

Crafting a positive image for the university by broadcasting its message, emphasising its values, supporting its vision and achieving its objectives through creating and managing effective communication channels, and being an officially recognized, reliable and authoritative source. 

Keeping up to date with events that coincides with the university's role as an Islamic and global institution. 

Highlighting the university's role in providing social services, stimulating innovation and creativity in research fields, as well as its role in developing investment opportunities, funds and contributions, locally and globally. In an appropriate and upright manner according to Saudi Arabia’s policy.