Faculty of Computer and Information Systems

Information Technology Unit, Faculty of Computer

Information Technology Unit, Faculty of Computer

Information Technology Unit

In light of the increasing requirements to maintain a high degree of quality in technical skills and to provide the necessary technical support in terms of hardware and software, it was necessary to form a dedicated unit to meet these needs and provide the requirements. From this reason, the idea of establishing an information technology unit emerged as a specialized unit whose main function is to provide technical support to the college and to provide equipment for the college's laboratories and offices. In addition to technical support, the Information Technology Unit manages the college's website, social media accounts, and covers events and meetings that take place within the college, among others. It is important to know that the unit represents the link between the college and the Deanship of Information Technology at the university.


Unit vision:


Constant pursuit of leadership and excellence by providing technical services in accordance with international standards in higher education institutions.


Unit message:


The unit's mission is to provide integrated and safe technical solutions to support all administrative, educational and research processes to raise the level of performance in the college and introduce the college internally and externally while keeping abreast of technical developments and spreading information technology knowledge in and outside the college community, and striving to develop the information technology unit to be a leading and effective service to the college of computer and information systems , in developing the technical knowledge of faculty members and students and seeking to provide and maintain the best educational programs derived from world-class academic institutions and to discover what is new and distinguished.


Unit objectives:


1- Contribute to achieving the college's vision and mission, represented in "global leadership and excellence in building a knowledge society."


2- Contribute to community service by spreading information awareness.


3- Employing information technology to support all activities in the college.


4- Keeping pace with the rapid development in the field of technology and information technology.


5- Providing technical solutions that contribute to raising performance and securing speed of communication between the various faculties and departments of the university through the university's advanced network.


6- Balancing current information technology requirements with expected future needs.


7- Maintaining a supportive and flexible learning environment to accommodate the diversity of individual students' backgrounds, needs, and aspirations.


8- Follow up on issues related to the development of information technology in the context of modern work environments to ensure that the efforts and programs of the college are in line with the needs of the community and provide effective elements and targeted solutions to meet their needs.


Unit services:


1- Providing technical support to faculty members, staff and students.


2- Follow up the laboratories and halls and provide technical support for all technical problems.


3- Follow up the work of the local network in the laboratories and ensure safety and security standards.


4- Solving technical problems for both hardware and software.


5- Manage the college website and its accounts on social networking sites.


6- Establishing a system for periodic and emergency maintenance of devices and equipment.


7- Addressing technical problems facing the college's activities and examining all issues in this regard.


8- Determine the college's hardware and software needs and work to provide them.




Names of members of the Information Technology Unit:


The name

a. Ahmed Al-Rehaily, Director of the Information Technology Unit

a. Saleh Othman, member of the Information Technology Unit

a. Abid Mir, member of the Information Technology Unit

a. Magdy Metwally, member of the Information Technology Unit

a. Abdul-Majed Al-Suhaimi, member of the Information Technology Unit

a. Shamir Khan, member of the Information Technology Unit

a. Omar Noah, member of the Information Technology Unit




For assistance or inquiries, the Information Technology Unit welcomes you to the college building on the third floor. You can also contact us via e-mail: info.fcis@iu.edu.sa