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Academic Counseling Unit

Academic guidance is one of the pillars of university education in the Kingdom, as it aims to guide students to obtain the best results, adapt to the university environment and seize the opportunities available to them by providing them with academic skills that raise their level of educational achievement.

The vision of the unit:

Constantly seeking to raise the level of guidance services for students of the Faculty of Computer and Information Systems in line with international standards in higher education institutions to achieve the student's subjective and human requirements in creativity and excellence.

Message of the unit:

Providing the best academic and psychological, educational and social counseling services to students of the Faculty of Computer and Information Systems in accordance with the teachings of the Islamic religion and comprehensive quality standards, so that the student can build his personality and adapt to the university environment and prepare him to be an effective member during his university studies and in the community after his graduation by achieving academic and social goals.

Objectives of the unit:

1- Contributing to the preparation of an educational environment that helps in forming a balanced personality for students who maintain their identity, belonging and national incons and adhere to the teachings of the Islamic religion.

2- Providing guidance and individual and university guidance services to students of the Faculty of Computer and Information Systems through organized guidance sessions aimed at helping students solve their problems.

3- Monitoring and following up on negative behavioral phenomena for students within the college, and working to provide appropriate solutions for them.

4- Helping students to adapt well in their university and future life by training them on the necessary life skills such as positive thinking skills, decision-making, problem-solving, crisis and pressure management, and others.

5- Helping students overcome the academic difficulties they face and improve their study skills.

6- Helping students make appropriate decisions about university disciplines.

7- Participating in advisory programs and events related to educating and guiding new students and introducing them to the concerned officials at the university and the facilities they deal with during their university studies.

8- Providing guidance services for students with special needs and taking care of their affairs.

9. Contributing to the refinement of students' talents and developing their abilities for outstanding educational achievement and effective scientific training.

10- Promoting a culture of dialogue, education, competition and creativity.

11- Taking care of talented and outstanding students.

12- Assisting students who are stumbled academically by preparing guidance programs that help improve their academic level.

13- Preparing the student to enter the world of jobs and professions efficiently and competently.

For assistance or inquiries, the Academic Guidance Committee welcomes you to the third floor building.


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