Faculty of Computer and Information Systems

Quality policy in the Faculty of Computer

Quality policy in the Faculty of Computer

College quality policy

The optimal application of quality standards and academic accreditation in all departments and programs of the college to achieve the highest quality and efficiency in learning outcomes, in support of the mission of the Islamic University in Madinah.


In order to achieve its strategic plans and reach the world in research and education, the Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit works on the following axes:


1. Continuous development and improvement of the applications of quality policies in the various departments and programs of the college.


2. Establishing a culture of quality and strategic planning.


3. Application of measurement, evaluation and academic accreditation.


4. Adopting quality systems in the university and working to implement them.


5. Linking the university with the local and international community and ensuring the development of programs in line with the labor market.


6. Consolidate the knowledge, skills and behavior of the college's employees and provide them with the necessary training and development at all levels.