About us

Who are we?

We are one of the Islamic University vice presidencies, devoted to serving graduate studies, promoting research, knowledge and innovation, entrepreneurship, and providing an appropriate environment for creativity and excellence, in order to achieve sustainable development and community partnership.

General Overview:

The Vice Presidency of Graduate Studies and Research aims to create an optimal of innovation environment for researchers during their graduate studies in various fields according to international standards. We also aspire to create an attractive environment to promote cultural diversity on campus, while providing our services and responding to the needs of evolving research, based on the principles of sustainable development and knowledge.

The vice presidency is constantly striving to provide students with advanced educational tools, access to global research engines, information and modern laboratory and science facilities, and keen to provide a support system for the success of faculty and teaching staff, researchers, and students in science and humanities disciplines to lead in creativity.



To become distinctive and inclusive in research, knowledge production, promotion and innovation on a local and global scales.



Design quality research and educational programs, direct efforts towards excellence in innovation, entrepreneurship, and support knowledge for sustainable development and community partnership.