About the Vice Presidency

Vice Presidency for Shared Services



Strive to create a system that delivers services and contributes to maintaining an exceptional academic milieu.



Provide services aligned with the university's vision and mission of establishing an exceptional infrastructure according to the highest local and global standards to foster a nurturing and creative environment to promote excellence and enhance students’ experience.



·  Contribute to establishing a suitable educational environment that fulfills all the requirements within the view of the agency.

·    Create an attractive faculty and student housing environment with enhanced quality of services.

·  Implement and regularly refine quality standards to enhance work and administrative efficiency throughout presidency departments and operations.

·    Elevate and enhance the level of university personnel services.

·   Enhance security and safety performance measures following local and global standards.

·    Achieve optimal university facilities' operational management and practices of construction projects and maintenance.

·  Collaborate with other university entities to enhance students’ experience.