Institute of Research and Consultative Studies

Institute services

Research and studies service

  The Institute provides research and studies services to governmental and private institutions in the following areas:


Preparing research for universities and institutions of all specializations.


Providing translation services from living languages into Arabic and vice versa.


Linguistic review, spelling check, and studies of all kinds.


Providing various statistical services to researchers.




* Linguistic correction and spelling review service:


Project message:


Improving the linguistic level of scientific research and writings.


Project goals :


This project aims to provide language revision, proofreading and spelling services in the field of research and studies of all kinds.




Grammar and spelling revision costs:


The fees for linguistic review and spelling check are as follows:


1- Review research and studies according to the number of their pages; So that the revision of each hundred (100) pages is two hundred (200) riyals, and in the case of adjusting the words in the form, three hundred (300) riyals.


2- Review research papers of less than one hundred pages for a lump sum of two hundred (200) riyals.




Action steps in reviewing research, studies and scientific writings:


1- Research and scientific theses to be reviewed linguistically and spelling are received at the Institute of Research and Consulting Studies (formerly the building of the College of the Holy Qur’an).


2- A contract is written between the institute and the beneficiary, indicating in this contract: the period, costs, and the most important points covered by the linguistic and spelling revision.


3- The amount shall be deposited in the account of the Institute of Research and Consulting Studies in advance when the Institute of Research and Consulting Studies receives the research to be reviewed.


4- Scientific research and writings to be reviewed linguistically and spelled are transferred to the scientific unit specialized in revision, which is composed of a number of specialists from the Institute of Arabic Language Education, the College of Arabic Language, and the Institute of Research and Consulting Studies at the university.


5- The research and scientific writings submitted to the institute are reviewed, and the review and correction include: linguistic review, full spelling check, and complete punctuation marks.


6- The researcher then receives it from the Research Institute after completing its review.


7- In the event that the researcher objects to the linguistic and spelling review: it is necessary to bring a report from the arbitrators: there are many spelling and linguistic errors, and accordingly: a scientific committee is formed to consider the objection presented by the researcher, and decide what it deems necessary.


Training services



The Institute of Research and Consulting Studies contributes to the design, implementation and provision of training courses and programs in all its fields for governmental and private institutions in specializations, the most important of which are:


Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

·       computer.

Legal pleadings.

Law firm.

·       Education.

·       Business Management.

·       Economy.

Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing.

Certified Compliance Officer (CCO).

Developing marketing skills.

Developing the skills of human resource managers.

Developing the skills of public relations managers.


Basics of commitment.

Certified banking preparation.

·       information technology.

Division of inheritance.

·       Engineering.

·       Medical Sciences.

·       English.

Legal sources.


The judiciary and legal politics.





The institute has qualified experts in all fields, and is ready to provide any training program requested from it.


Consulting services

The Institute provides consulting services to many entities in the public and private sectors through the following:


    Providing consultations to all entities working in the fields of education and training by preparing, reviewing and evaluating school curricula and training curricula.

   Providing legal and legal advice by studying legal issues, preparing and studying contracts, and providing legal opinion in studies.

   Contribute to the provision of administrative consultations through specialized cadres at the university, including full or partial consultations.

     Providing economic and media consultancy in all its aspects.



Academic services

The Institute of Research and Consulting Studies contributes to the provision of academic services through scientific and academic supervision of programs in universities, centers and institutes in all university disciplines.


  It aims to provide scientific and administrative expertise and supervise the curricula in those academic institutions and institutions.


Scholarship services

The Institute of Research and Consulting Studies provides a guarantee of paid student scholarships by nominating and teaching students at the Islamic University, due to its technical, scientific and administrative capabilities, and providing an opportunity for the sectors of society to contribute in this aspect.