It was reported in the 2030 vision document of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that even though the impressive availability of natural potential for solar, geothermal, and wind power, the local energy consumption will increase three-fold by 2030, Saudi Arabia still lacks a competitive renewable energy sector at present. It has been mentioned that the King Salman Renewable Energy Initiative will be put into practice and the legal and regulatory framework that allows the private sector to buy and invest in the renewable energy sector will be reviewed in order to encourage and allow the private sector to buy and invest in the renewable energy sector. 

In order to achieve the 2030 vision of the Kingdom, the University wants to make a modest contribution by preparing qualified engineers to work in the field of renewable energy. Thus, the proposed program is designed to provide engineers from the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering fields with a deeper understanding of the principle of design, development, installation, and simulation of renewable energy systems while providing students with high-level skills in order to become renowned engineers with international standards that contribute to the development of the national economy within the vision of the Kingdom 2030.