The Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 aims to improve the Kingdom's global competitiveness from the rank of 25th to 10th, thus becoming the world's 15th largest economy by increasing the contribution of small and medium companies to the economy from 20% to 35% and increasing job opportunities for the citizens of Saudi Arabia. To achieve this, there is currently a structural change in the labor market in Saudi Arabia in terms of relying on advanced technology in manufacturing and services rather than relying on cheap labor which was one of the obstacles to achieving Saudization. This requires the development of highly skilled professionals in the field of Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering, which, in fact, was created as a result of the merging of various fields of technology, such as electrical, electronic, mechanical, and computer engineering, and also providing services. 

The new program aims to produce graduates with the necessary scientific and professional skills and expertise for research and development in the fields of mechatronics engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, and control engineering with the necessary capabilities to manage, control, and maintain robotic devices and automation used in industry and services.